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COVID Maker Response

About us

CMR was a coalition of makers that responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by manufacturing, assembling, and distributing 3D printed PPE (personal protective equipment) to healthcare workers on the front lines. CMR was founded by members of Columbia University Libraries, Tangible Creative and MakerBot, and grew at lightspeed to become one of the largest grassroots manufacturer of PPE in New York City.

Our shields were built using our Guide and Design for Rapidly Produced Face Shields.

In our first 10 days of operation CMR was able to troubleshoot, produce, assemble and distribute over 3000 face shields to health care workers on the front lines, setting up our operation on the fly. Eventually, the team scaled up dramatically to produce and distribute 1000 PPE face shields a day. The shields were 3D printed at MakerBot (Brooklyn) and Tangible Creative (Newark) and delivered by volunteer drivers to the 92nd Street Y on the Upper East Side. Two other smaller spaces on the Upper West Side were operational for preparing raw materials and assembling shields for smaller orders. Full face shields were distributed to local hospitals every day. In the end we produced and distributed close to 30,000 shields locally and internationally.

workers packaging shields Members of our team packing 3D printed parts.
health workers wearing our shields Columbia Presbyterian staff with our shields.

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